DIY: Chinese New Year "Paper Fire Cracker" Wall Decor

I first made one of these paper firecracker wall decorations last year but didn't film it. I did, however, filmed another DIY video for Chinese New Year called, "Lucky Liquid Gold", which makes great gifts for family.

Today's DIY is also great to give as a gift, as well as, a great decorative piece for you home. Hang it up amongst your other Chinese Talismans or scrolls, and the outcome is beautiful!

I was planning on making the strand more decorative and intricate, unfortunately, I was running low on time. So I settled for something sweet and basic. Hopefully next year I can make the one I had in mind, but for now, I hope you will still enjoy this simple DIY!

It doesn't take much to create this either. All you need is some red card stock paper, some gold card stock paper, and red ribbon. Of course you will also need tape and glue to hold the firecrackers together. Also, any other forms of decorations are welcomed as well.

If you want to see how I made this step-by-step, please watch my video tutorial!  

I hoped you enjoyed this DIY! I wish you a Happy New Year with good health and happiness!
Happy Wandering! Alice


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